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Union County

Swip Swap Union County FL

Use the Facebook group Swip Swap Union County FL for buying, selling, trading, and advertising locally.

To post to this page, please join our Facebook group @ Swip Swap Union County FL

Welcome to the Swip Swap Union County FL Group page. Please join the Facebook group to post your Union County Florida advertisement. Local business advertising is allowed in moderation.

The listings you see here are made through our Facebook page. We maintain numerous specialty groups, please see the full listing at Swip Swap St Augustine FL Groups. All posts to our groups will be exported via Facebook RSS feed to SwipSwapStAugustine.com, where your post will be mixed in with the other Swip Swap St. Augustine FL groups.

To make your post appear correctly on the web, you cannot share it from another group. The image also needs to have Public Permissions. Write the content, and upload your images directly to this group, and your ad will display right on our website feeds. The same rule applies to content you post in any of our groups.

The rules for each group are pinned on the Facebook page. Before posting or reporting content to us, please familiarize yourself with the rules for that specific group. They do vary from group to group.

All of our groups are on a public feed, meaning anyone can see them. Everyone needs to be logged into a Facebook account to post or comment. If you do not want your posts publicly shared, please adjust your Facebook privacy settings, or join a closed group.

Swip Swap Union County Florida

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