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History, Mystery, Murder & Mayhem Tour

4 Granada St. • St. Augustine, FL 32084

About History, Mystery, Mayhem & Murder
The History, Mystery, Mayhem & Murder Tour isn’t just another ghost tour. During this small group tour, you’ll be told the true “darker” history of St. Augustine – everything from strange burial customs to diseases and murders.

Come along with us into the darkest corners of St. Augustine’s sinister past – the darker side of her history, the gore, the gruesome, the whispered tales of the unfortunate.

You’ll hear stories of the horrific yellow fever epidemic, the mayhem and murderous stories of pirate sackings and Indian massacres, unsolved brutal murders, the great fire of 1914, and MORE!

If you’re looking for a tour where they make up stories just to scare you, this is not a tour for you. This tour gives you the true history of St. Augustine.

This tour is led by a licensed St. Augustine tour guide.

History_Mystery_Mayhem_Murder_Tour_St_Augustine_Florida.jpg 2 years ago
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