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Ghost Augustine

162 St. George Street, Suite 19 St. Augustine FL 32084
162 Saint George Street St. Augustine Florida 32084 US

GhoSt Augustine was founded in May 2001 as the first paranormal store in St. Augustine, Florida.

St. Augustine History in brief and its relation to the spirit world:

St. Augustine is the oldest continuously inhabited city of European origin in North America. The city was founded in 1565 under Pedro Menendez de Aviles. The purpose of the city was to be a port for the Spanish Treasure fleet prior to sailing back to Spain and to serve as a military outpost protecting the fleet. The area where the city is located was declared sacred by the natives long before the Spanish arrived. There seem to be a connection to the spirit world in St. Augustine. Our theory is that the haunted nature of St. Augustine is due to the bloody and deadly history of St. Augustine in combination with its location on top of the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Your licensed ghost tour guide will have more information about these and what ghosts really are and why they visit us. Many believe that the ghost stories that are told about St. Augustine are a recent fabrication. The fact is that it is only since recent times that people can share ghost stories without being thought of being crazy. Nowadays people feel at ease with sharing ghostly encounters. More people than ever before are interested in hearing about ghosts and visiting haunted sites. If you are a believer or not, a ghost tour of St. Augustine with GhoSt Augustine will ensure that you have a most memorable and interesting evening!

GhoSt Augustine’s History, including how we saved the K2 meter and made it famous:

As we opened the first ghost shop in St. Augustine in 2001, we started selling ghost hunters equipment and books about ghosts. We also sold tickets to various attractions and tours in town from GhoSt Augustine’s original location at 123 St. George Street, which we still have open on Fridays 4 pm-9:30 pm and Saturdays Noon-9:30 pm. We became the best-selling spot for tickets to attractions in town. We were doing so well that the owner of Old Town Trolley and also the owner of the Horse Carriages came and visited and soon set up sales location very close to us and directly on St. George Street.

In January 2002, the Haunted St. Augustine Paranormal Investigative tour was created by Emilio San Martin, who sold it to Dr. Harry Stafford. Dr. Stafford developed the tour considerably. This is the Original Paranormal Investigative tour of St. Augustine. GhoSt Augustine became the exclusive ticket sale location and had a significant impact in making this tour a success. In 2009, Dr. Stafford sold the tour to us, GhoSt Augustine. Dr. Stafford remains actively involved as the overseer of this non sensational, level headed, educational approach to investigating paranormal sites in St. Augustine. He is quite often today still joining in on the tour or our Hearse Rides tour as a special guest. Please read his blog on metaphysics and the paranormal in our News section.

Since October 2002, GhoSt Augustine offers the Original Haunted Pub Tour. This is our unique version of the St. Augustine ghost tours and it is in form of the Haunted Pub Tour which takes tour guests on a 2.5 hour tour into several haunted establishments within an easy walking distance downtown. Tour guests spend about 30-40 minutes inside each pub. This give the tour goers the opportunity to really reflect on the ghost stories told of each place, search around for both the liquid spirits and actual spirits and hang out with the tour guide and fun fellow pub crawlers.

Since 2004, GhoSt Augustine offers the Hearse Ride tour. This ghost tour was chosen by the Travel Channel as the haunted tour to do in St. Augustine. The Hearse Ride tour takes you on a genuine ghost tour to off the beaten track locations in a real old hearse. We currently have two hearses and one can take up to 13 people and the other one 10 people. The tour goers use K2 EMF meters and will hear verified true tales of St. Augustine’s south end and on the 90 min tour also the St. Augustine lighthouse. We get out at several stops but we do not go inside any buildings since we want to cover as many places as possible and keep the prices down. One of many advantages with the Hearse Ride tour is that you go with a small group of people. This adds to making the tour atmospheric, spooky, very down to earth, real, and personable.

By 2004, we had been selling the K-II (a.k.a. K2) EMF meter for 3 years and the company manufacturing them informed us they were going to stop producing them since the demand for this product was quickly dwindling. It was made to check your home for potentially hazardous high Electromagnetic Fields. GhoSt Augstine’s founder and owner Jonas Brihammar convinced the manufacturer to keep making the K2 EMF meter exclusively for GhoSt Augustine and in return he promised them that he was going to make the sales increase enough for them to make it worth it to continue manufacturing the meter. It also took a major risky investment from GhoSt Augustine to get the manufacturer to continue making the meter. Jonas had taken notice that the meter was giving great results on the Haunted St. Augustine tour and was convinced it was a great tool for paranormal research. To make a long story short, through working the grassroots and spreading the word about the meter, it eventually got the attention of Jason Hawes and Wilson Grant, the GHOST HUNTERS on Sy-Fy Channel, and the rest is history. The K2 EMF meter has become a must have tool for any respectable ghost hunter. The great things with the meter is that it is very reliable, sturdy, easy to bring, highly responsive, fast sampling and also inexpensive. It is made in the U.S.A. and can be ordered from one of our websites, either: http://www.ghosthuntersequipment.com or the specially dedicated site for the K-II meter, http://www.kiimeter.com.

In December 2007, Jonas, our founder, was honored to get to meet the Ghost Hunters from TV, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, when they were here filming in St. Augustine. He donated about a dozen K2 meters, which have been heavily used on the show with great results. In one memorable episode recorded at Sloss Furnace, Alabama, Meatloaf is a guest on the show, and Meat clings to the K2 and gets, and as almost always with the K2 meter, gets great results using it. Quite a coincidence since the man that saved the K2 meter, GhoSt Augustine’s founder, has been a long time listener to Meatloaf’s music.

Since 2007, GhoSt Augustine also offers a Pub Hearse Ride which is a combination of Haunted Pub Tour and the Hearse Rides tour. This tour was created due to the many requests we got for us to offer a pub tour in our hearse. This most incredible pub and ghost tour requires you to be at least 21 years old. A stiff, drink that is, might help to calm your nerves.

In, 2009, GhoSt Augustine began offering the Total Paranormal St. Augustine experience. On October 2nd, 2009, as mentioned above, GhoSt Augustine purchased Haunted St. Augustine — the Original Paranormal Investigation tour. We could have saved a lot of money by simply putting up a tour ourselves — however, by purchasing Dr. Stafford’s tour and having him on board for consultation we have been able to retain and pass on all his findings from his research that he has gathered from this tour. It also preserves the quality of this tour to have access to Dr. Stafford as a resource and overseer of the Haunted St. Augustine. No other tour in town, as far as we know, can claim to have a PhD with a Harvard degree who has taught Parapsychology on the staff and involved in their tour. This says a lot about how serious we take the Haunted St. Augustine tour. It is an educational and intellectual probe into the paranormal and the hauntings of St. Augustine.

In April 2010, Jonas, GhoSt Augustine’s founder, and GhoSt Augustine’s Manager at the time, Jamie, were filmed and interviewed for an episode of America’s Most Haunted Places. It has aired multiple times.

In November 2010, Jonas and one of our Hearse Tour Guides Tina was invited by Bio Channel’s My Ghost Story to fly out to Hollywood and be interviewed about the hauntings at the St. AugustineLighthouse. The interesting thing is that Jonas used to work at the lighthouse for one year before founding GhoSt Augustine in 2001 and did experience the famous tobacco smoke at the lighthouse. Everyone told him it was cigar smoke but Jonas said it smelled like a pipe to him. Years later in 2007, we get a picture taken on our Hearse Ride tour that shows a ghostly face behind our tour group of a man with grinning, sporting a sailor’s beard and a pipe in his mouth. The episode is episode 3 of the 2nd season of the program My Ghost Story, originally aired on Bio Channel in April 2011. The program has been shown in reruns many times here in America and all over the world. So, GhoSt Augustine has truly become world famous!

In 2011, GhoSt Augustine created the DEAD WALK. We wanted to offer a low cost story telling ghost tour that at the same time gave the tour goers a completely different experience than all the other walking ghost tours in town. This tour takes you down the streets of the DEAD part of town. A part that is less visited and darker. Since 2012 we have a Ghostmobile van. We use this vehicle if you are too scared to enter one of our Haunted Hearses or if one of the hearses needs the night off for some TLC. Also, in 2012 we were one of a few selected companies considered for a new major TV Network reality show about the paranormal.

Since March 2013, GhoSt Augustine goes inside an extremely haunted building with its HEARSE RIDE tour, DEAD WALK tour and TOTAL PARANORMAL ST. AUGUSTINE tour. The building predates as a jail the place in St. Augustine known as the Old Jail. So this site we enter is the location of the Old Old Jail. It has been featured on My Ghost Story on Bio Channel.

In 2013, GhoSt Augustine is proud to have become sponsor of one of the first paranormal TV shows created in Sweden. We have teamed up with Paranormal Crew Sweden and our logo will be displayed on the clothing worn by PCS and we have an invitation to be on one of the shows. They will also come over here to experience our most haunted city of St. Augustine. Which we also hope that you take the opportunity to do!

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